The Artist Residency

ArtCrop artists create unique art to complement the CSA. To inspire their work, artists first participate in the Artist Residency on the HAFA farm in Hastings, MN. Over the summer, artists visit farmers and collect their stories through interviews and conversations to develop a community project to empower farmers and artists. This is an important part of the process because farmers and artists have commonly expressed being undervalued for their skills and labor, therefore facing a volatile future. A rare opportunity, the residency helps facilitate and build deeper understanding across artists and farmers, and their respective fields, but also invites the community. This year, the community project is a mural on the farm's old corn silo, highlighting the relationship and importance of Hmong art and agriculture.  Subscribers to the HAFA x ArtCrop CSA will receive a unique piece of artwork (artist's choice), crafted by Oskar Ly.  

The community mural will part of a special dinner event on Friday October 6, 2017 with a hosted dinner by Hmong Food Traditions and Chef Yia of Union Kitchen.  Follow the residency on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Join future Residencies

We are proud that all of our artists and farmers are of Hmong heritage - we are looking to grow our community. Contact us! and introduce yourself! Let us know if you are interested in being an ArtCrop artist, farmer or want to learn more about our residency.