The Farmers

ArtCrop is partnered with Hmong American Farmers Association (HAFA) farmers for the first art and food CSA. HAFA draws its membership from a large pool of established Hmong farmers in the Twin Cities metropolitan area, including hundreds of farmers who are long term members of the growers associations connected to the Saint Paul and the Minneapolis farmers markets.

The typical HAFA farmer is someone who has been farming for over 20 years on less than 10 acres of land and resides in the Twin Cities but farms in Washington or Dakota County. With 128 HAFA members, farmers grow a variety of vegetables and flowers for the local farmers markets and the CSA. ArtCrop worked with a small cohort of farmers that participated in the artist residency. Meet Soua Thao, Tim Vang and Judy Yang, .

The Artists


Oskar Ly

Oskar Ly is a queer Hmong French American artist, organizer and cultural producer. She is passionate about sustainability through embedding innovation in cultural ways. Ly's art is accompanying the 2017 Thanksgiving share. She is using artisanal raw materials sourced from Red Green Rivers


Christina Vang

Christina Vang is multi-disciplinary artist whose work is focused on community-oriented narratives. Vang is designing the community mural on HAFA's farm in Hastings, Minnesota. The mural design is inspired by the Farmers' stories and depicts herbs found in traditional Hmong cooking. 


Teeko Yang

Teeko Yang is a photographer and cultural producer. She is documenting the project through photography, recordings and community engagement on social media. When she’s not art-cropping, she's dreaming of the next innovative community project.