The original culture makers.

ArtCrop was created on the principle that Artists and Farmers are cultural makers. ArtCrop partners with Hmong American Farmers Association (HAFA) farmers and local Hmong artists to bring you the only art and food Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. HAFA draws its membership from a large pool of established Hmong farmers in the Twin Cities metropolitan area, including hundreds of farmers who are long term members of the growers associations connected to the Saint Paul and the Minneapolis farmers markets. Each year ArtCrop selects an artist from the community to create art as part of the CSA.

In addition to CSAs, ArtCrop aims to bring public art to rural spaces and beyond to reflect the communities that they exist in. Since its founding, ArtCrop has held a residency on the HAFA farm, painted two murals on the farm, and one mural in Saint Paul’s Creative Enterprise Zone.

Judy Yang, Hmong farmer, spends a moment with us on her field to take short break.

Judy Yang, Hmong farmer, spends a moment with us on her field to take short break.

Hands of an artisan creating Hmong batik patterns.

Hands of an artisan creating Hmong batik patterns.

2017 ArtCrop X HAFA artshare coaster set.

2017 ArtCrop X HAFA artshare coaster set.

Plant details from the mural located on the HAFA Farm in Hastings, MN.

Plant details from the mural located on the HAFA Farm in Hastings, MN.


The ArtCrop Squad

The dream team that makes it happen

We are a collective of creatives with mad love for art, culture, and people. We’re creating a movement. We want our future generations to know our people, gifts and dreams, like how our ancestors seeded theirs for us. We want to leave evidence to spark the next gen’s own love stories of Hmong culture and identity because our people are spread out across a global diaspora as refugees from the Vietnam War (American War in Vietnam).

We’re obsessed with creating art/work and experiences inspired by our roots to foster real connections for our community, that’s you! We carefully consider our process through a collective, authentic and, most of all, fun approach so that we may bring you our best curated harvest of art and food partners. We want to create a culture of abundance, pride and welcome for all to enjoy. When we’re not ArtCropping, we are dreaming up or instigating the next wave in community innovation. Dream with us.


Oskar Ly

Oskar Ly is a queer Hmong French American fashion designer, organizer and cultural producer. Taking her a passion for sustainability through cultural innovation, she founded ArtCrop and created the inaugural 2017 Thanksgiving share with batik hemp textiles from Red Green Rivers artisans to make unique handmade art coasters. Oskar creates, speaks, and connects all things ArtCrop. Let’s talk!

Christina Vang

Christina Vang is multi-disciplinary artist whose work is focused on community-oriented narratives. She designed the community mural on HAFA's farm in Hastings, Minnesota. The mural design is inspired by the Farmers' stories and depicts herbs found in traditional Hmong cooking. Christina brings along her own personal connection to farming to infuse ArtCrop’s public art, design, and artistic flare. 

Teeko Yang

Teeko Yang is a photographer and cultural producer. She documented the inaugural summer residency on the farm that led to the artshare and the mural via social media, through photography, recordings, and community engagement. Drawing inspiration from her own family’s roots in farming and entrepreneurial spirit, Teeko is ArtCrop’s social media whiz and innovation researcher.


Our Partners + Collaborators

Our mission to support Hmong culture through creating cultural innovation and sustainability through artists and farmers is possible thanks to our partners and collaborators.

Founded in 2011, Hmong American Farmers Association (HAFA) aims to advance the prosperity of Hmong American farmers. HAFA manages a 155-acre farm in Dakota County with over 18 Hmong families. ArtCrop will be returning to HAFA's 2019 Thanksgiving CSA.

Christina Vang was selected as one of twelve muralists to kick off the 2019 ChromaZone Mural and Arts Festival. The mural was created in collaboration with ArtCrop artists Oskar Ly and Teeko yang. Located in Saint Paul’s creative enterprise zone, the mural was made possible with support from Forecast Public Art, Creative Enterprise Zone and Burlesque Design.

Oskar Ly and Christina Vang were recipients of a 2018 Emerging Artists Grant. With support from Forecast Public Art, ArtCrop painted a second mural on the HAFA farm inspired by the farmers and their stories.

RedGreen Rivers™ is a Hmong social enterprise that supports Artisans and Makers from the Mekong Region in Southeast Asia. As a partner RGR sourced raw materials and handcrafted Hmong batik that were transformed by Oskar for the 2017 ArtCrop X HAFA Thanksgiving share.

Hmong Food Traditions is a workshop series to encourage healthy eating, preserve our traditions, and build community through exploring our food on the farm & in the kitchen. In 2017 ArtCrop and Hmong Food Traditions co-hosted a dinner and community art activity on the HAFA farm around food, farming, art and science!

Oskar Ly, in partnership with Hmong American Farmers Association, is a 2017 recipient of a Cultural Community Partnership grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board. This activity is made possible by the voters of Minnesota through a grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board, thanks to a legislative appropriation by the Minnesota State Legislature; and by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts.

ArtCrop is a project supported by the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs' 2017 Artist Neighborhood Partnership Initiative.